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Drabble: where the leaves stopped (and the birds began) [The Devil's Whore, Edward/Angelica]

So I finally got around to acquiring and watching the most excellent miniseries The Devil's Whore, set during the English Civil War and starring a pantheon of stars: Andrea Riseborough, John Simm, Dominic Monaghan (as Oliver Cromwell!!!!), Michael Fassbender & Peter Capaldi (as King Charles I!) It's absolutely lovely. The cinematography is frankly breathtaking. I wanted screencaps of almost every single moment-- some brilliant work on capturing skyskapes and tones and textures to create a swirling, sexual, shifting sense of the period.

(Dear god, I need icons of this show. Guys, help me out here?)

Of course, my response was to write a drabble.

This one's for zauberer_sirin, who is very squeeful about the series. I failed to write her a drabble for the Turn Left meme because she asked me for things I was not in the fannish headspace for, so I hope she'll like this instead. (Er, Zau, I'm not even sure if this is your favoured pairing on the show either, but I hope you enjoy it!)

where the leaves stopped (and the birds began)

"The wind up at dusk and the leaves in squalls and the birds flying into the wind-backed leaves so that in the lost light I could not say where the leaves stopped and the birds began. I try to distinguish but at crucial moments the space between carefully separated objects collapses and I too am whirled up against my will into the dervish of matter. "
Jeanette Winterson Gut Symmetries

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FIC: The Persistence of Memory (The Lives of Saints Remix) [Martha Jones + Torchwood team]

I am so excited for remixredux09 reveals; there are more stories I want to rec but I might as well do that after the authors have been revealed. No doubt I'll be reading more of the stories once I find out which ones all you lovely people on my friends list wrote! (And I cannot wait to properly thank my lovely remixer!)

To no one's great surprise, the story I wrote for remixredux09 was The Persistence of Memory (The Lives of Saints Remix), which is a remix of raisintorte's Martha/Jack story Forget About Us; the original is the story Martha dealing with the Year That Never Was-- first through avoidance and then confrontation-- with the only person that can understand her burden, Jack Harkness. It was written before Martha's appearance on Torchwood. My remix slots these themes and ideas into a canonical framework. It's bookended by the relationship and understanding between Martha and Jack but explores Martha's journey during the Year That Never Was and her encounters with the Torchwood team during that time. As such, a lot has been changed-- my remix is Martha-and-Jack rather than Martha/Jack, with canonical pairings (Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys) underlying, even though I'd consider it a gen story.

I really enjoyed remixing raisintorte's work, and I hope she enjoyed my take on her ideas. I've wanted to write a story about Martha Jones's journey for a long time, and this was a great way into doing that.

It was also beta-read by the wonderful neifile7; she made this story what it is, and was incredibly patient, kind and insightful with her comments. So, this story is for her.

Thank you to everyone who commented last week-- I will be replying to feedback as soon as I can. Warnings and more notes behind the oh-so-fake LJ cut!

The Persistence of Memory (The Lives of Saints Remix)

( ("They're calling you a saint") Martha Jones doesn't die for their sins, she lives with them. Four months after the Year That Never Was, Martha Jones meets Torchwood-- again. Torchwood/Doctor Who. 6067 words )

Tell me your thoughts!
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Remix Redux 09: Recs!

I've been reading some of the wonderful stories in this year's remixredux09. My only complaint is that there are so many of them that I'm sure I'm missing out on some gems. But so far in my reading I've come across some lovely stories that you should all read. Go and give these authors some love, because they deserve it!

On a side note: what I love about Remix is reading stories outside my general fandom lists. There are loads of shows & books that I love, but don't generally read stories in, and I'm enjoying venturing out of my comfort zone. So of course, please do rec me things in the comments, guys!

What We've Become (The Mt. St. Helens Remix) (Doctor Who, Donna/Martha)
This is my favourite Remix story so far, and will probably remain the favourite even after I'm done with the archive. (Not to mention, I'm fairly sure I know who wrote it, and am therefore unsurprised by its brilliance. Yes, you, my dear-- I shan't out you yet.) What to say about this story? Even if you're not into the fandom, or pairing, you should read it. The language of this story is extraordinarily rich with metaphor, with subtle undercurrents between the characters and with the world they inhabit. The Doctor leaves behind him a trail of terrible choices, and this story just gets that sliding space between majesty and horror, the idea of circumstances sharpening human beings into weapons. The extremity of the situation is painted with a minimum of melodrama, and even though this story is lyrical and grand in many ways, it's also very matter-of-fact and adult. Martha's voice is mature and strong, and we see Donna-- beautiful, loud, brash, brilliant, innocent-- through her eyes. There are some wonderful moments of Martha and Jack, and lovely, jagged observations about the Doctor. It's an eminently human story about choices, love, memory and consequences in a universe that is beautiful, vast and unforgiving.

The original story What We've Become by thedeadparrot is absolutely lovely and shifting as well, and the remix complements Donna's PoV with Martha's, and is perhaps a shade more ambiguous. These are two wonderful, complementary stories that bolster each other up but work on their own as well.

Just The Four Of Us (The Back to Front Big Mystical Telescope Remix) [BtVS, Buffy/Xander/Willow]
This takes the premise of the original story Last Call-- where Cordelia is allowed to make two quick stops on her way to Ascension, and chooses Xander as her last-- and expands the little fragments and details of a life into a rich and sweeping story that fills in the details of years. Though it's Buffy/Xander/Willow, the entire Scooby Gang and main cast of characters from Buffy and Angel all weave into the story, and it's just full of love for the BtVS universe, its possibilities and heartbreaks. As a remix, this story does so many of my favourite things: uses scant, judiciously chosen bits of dialogue from the original as placemarkers rather than repetitions, filling in lacunae gestured at in the original story, and extending backwards and sideways. The author chooses a particular style and narrative technique that complement the kind of episodic, spanning story she's trying to tell and it just absolutely works. This is a story about what happens after the end of the universe, about growing up and coping with change, and yet manages to hit character notes that ring absolutely true.

No Pray'r Accepted, No Wish Resigned (Choosing the Encumbered) (Torchwood, Jack/Ianto)
A lovely little take on Jack and Ianto having a sort-of relationship talk. The story itself is not entirely new, but it's done with a delicate touch. This is a believable conversation between these two prickly, slippery characters-- with Jack believably vulnerable, and Ianto screwing up his courage into saying what he means. Particularly incisive considering CoE. My one caveat is that this teases out some of the implications of the original story, but it's not a brilliant example of remix per se.

Double Vision (The Fight or Flight Remix) (SGA, John, Rodney)
This works as a kind-of sequel to Second Story by elementalv, but despite the fact that I don't generally like straight-up sequels in my remixes, this fleshes out the universe of the story and twists it just enough that it was highly enjoyable. John touches an Ancient device and it changes his timeline; this premise remains the same, but in the Remix the change is not complete and immutable, instead he is given a choice, and that makes his decision all the more difficult. Bonus points for a lovely scifi premise executed well, and an insight into John's potential (and believable) alternate timeline as well as his current one.

The Hubbert Curve (And All The Robins Bring Remix) (Dark Angel, Max/Alec)
This remix takes musesfool's Max-goes-to-Alec-for-help-when-she's-in-heat story The Hubbert Peak and yeah, curves it. The PoV is flipped from Alec to Max and that makes it an entirely different story: one of Max's own negotations and growth and life. In the original, Alec is affected rather than affecting, and its nice to see the flip-side, the rationale for the decisions, the flesh under the skin. All of this is wrapped up in a wonderfully precise Max-voice which is unaffected, fresh, dry and to the point, even as she's negotiating a very complicated situation. What's great about both these stories is how their growing relationship is placed within the context of the world post-Freek Nation, a changed and altered landscape with so many battles still being fought. It's also a very fun read.

Congrats, You've Met Your Match (The Space Captain Remix) (STXI/SG:A, Kirk/Sheppard)
Don't let the potential crackiness of the pairing put you off: in this story John Sheppard slides seamlessly into the STXI universe. He's the new guy at the Academy, and James T. Kirk is sure that he is up to something. It takes a lovely, hot little drabblet by sabinalegrande and extends it outward, telling us the story of the seduction but keeping the basic parallels that the drabblet draws between these two characters. This is a John Sheppard seduction I utterly believed, and the blundering, slightly madcap Kirk voice is just absolutely spot-on, with some great Kirk/Bones interaction. Jim and John are perfectly matched, and the story fairly thrums with the attraction between them-- an great ride which hits some great character-notes with a light, funny touch.

Ten Synonyms for Sensational (The Dragon/TARDIS Remix) (Doctor Who/HP, Draco/Tenth Doctor)
Another quick plug for the remix of my story Ten Synonyms for Sensational. It really is an absolutely brilliant and hilarious story that takes the central premise of Draco going travelling with the Doctor, and expands the period elided in my story, covering their adventures in the TARDIS in an inventive and illustrated fashion. If Time Lords had children's stories, this is exactly what they would be like. (I'm reccing this here, on this list because I want to be clear that I'm not just reccing because it's a remix of my story, but because it's a great story, period, and one of my favourites in the remix.) Just a warm and silly and whimsical tale that leaves you with a big grin on your face!
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(no subject)

I have been terrible at getting in touch/replying to comments over the last week. Kind of went into fannish hibernation, consumed a lot of media but didn't quite feel up to conversations. But! I did go to see Half-Blood Prince with the utterly lovley zauberer_sirin. It was wonderful to get to see an HP film with a fan, we spent quite a lot of the movie making little gestures at each other whenever something dodgy (IE, Dumbledore making his pimp-face) occurred. Non spoilery reaction: very, very good. Some lovely camera-work, Yates has always been great at teasing out the human, adolescent moments from the HP kids, and that really comes to the fore here. I thought it was well-balanced, and they cut judiciously from the book. Rather enjoyable, especially considering I was expecting lots of terrible dull Teen!Angst!Woe!


The remixredux09 stories are up. Go check it out NOW. I'll be getting back to you with recs once I've had a chance to read more of the stories, but there's a lot of multifandom goodness there!

And of course, I was remixed too: Ten Synonyms for Sensational (The Dragon/TARDIS Overdub) takes my very silly Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover Draco-meets-Ten story and outclasses it utterly. It's a fantastic, hilarious, witty and generally awesome story, with accompanying illustrations. ("Cheer Up, Emo Doctor!") In short, it's fantastic and funny, and you should all go read it because it will make your life 230293022323 times better. Thank you, dear remixer, I think I love you just a little bit. Okay, a lot.

A small taste to further convince you:

There is something you should know about the Doctor's pout. It was no ordinary pout. It was the pout of legends.

Ancient Mayans called it the Lip Jut of the Apocalypse. On Mars, the Ice Warriors referred to it as The Oncoming Wibble. The Milliard Gargantubrain once calculated the pout to sixteen billion significant figures, and then had to go and have a nice lie down for a decade. Such was the force of the Doctor's pout that it reverberated throughout time, bending the very fabric of the universe into a giant wibbly wobbly ball of woobieness.

Draco wasn't impressed.

(This, of course, means that I too have a remix floating around in the archive. I fear those of you who are quite familiar with my writing will find it rather easy to guess. Feel free to speculate, all shall be revealed next week!)

What are your favourite stories from remixredux09?
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Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Three

So yes. I finally managed to write a reaction post. Damn you, Americans and non-GMT people for getting on the internets and being amusing when it's 3am my time and I'm asleep. So apologies in advance if I don't reply to your comments till tomorrow morning, my time. On the other hand, I might just go with completely altering my circadian rhythms. WHO KNOWS!

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Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Two


I had coherent thoughts about Day One. But I have none NONE about Day Two.

It was just an action packed frenzy of asskicking and gun-whipping and CRAZY TORCHWOOD COMPETENCE.


Whoa, well done, RTD. I care. And I'm engaged. And have DEEP DEEP TERROR. You win, you bloody cocktease.

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(no subject)


See you on the other side.



If you are on the friends list but not here for the Torchwood, I apologise for the next five days, in advance. Really.

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pick a story, any story

Whoa. So. The Remix story was kicking my arse all over the place, but draft one is done done done and off at the lovely beta-reader's for comments. It appears to make a reasonable amount of sense and not be ENTIRELY PEDESTRIAN so I'm cautiously optimistic.


In the interests of not going UTTERLY MAD WAITING FOR CHILDREN OF EARTH, I need to keep myself occupied. Saw this meme on sholio's LJ, gacked from zvi_likes_tv:

Inspired by Doctor Who's "Turn Left:" Pick one of my stories and tell me a point in the tale that you'd change. Something tiny (e.g. "and then Fay chose silver glitter instead of gold") or big (e.g. "and then Rose was arrested instead of Jack") and I'll tell you how that one difference would have altered the course of the entire story.

So yeah, pick one of my stories and ask away. Alternatively, ask what if questions about the stories or my versions of the characters in a story. If I am feeling inspired/CLOSE TO ANXIOUS DEATH I might even write you mini-drabbles in response.


Or. You know. Distract me with STUFFS, PLZ.


ETA: neifile7 asked for an alternate version of Deny, Distract, Discredit where Ianto doesn't forgive Jack right away when he returns. How would he rationalise that? Drabble!