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Oh, man, guys. Persistence of Memory (The Lives of Saints Remix) has been recced over at torchwood_house. I'm so very pleased and proud. Many thanks to kel_reiley for the reccage, and of course, to neifile7 who is awesome and has as much to do with the story as I did. Eee!


Go read the stories at mcshep_match, there are some wonderful John/Rodney fics and art up!

I'll be posting some commentary for my story once the reveals are up, because it kicked my arse so thoroughly, and I'm not entirely pleased with it at all-- it still feels abrupt and first-draft-y but it's still the story I wanted to tell, and there's more that I wanted to say, so it might make an interesting subject for some discussion about editing/drafting/structure...


To return to regularly scheduled service, here's another story that I'm adding to my Torchwood recs list-- which comprises of stories that I think of as personal canon, and that I think are utterly fantastic. Please go read and review, especially if you haven't seen it before!

Jack, non-linear For What Were Less Than Dead by Amber
This is Jack's story, and therefore delves into the meaning and implications of Jack's time-hopping, non-linear life. It's a short character study, but is packed tight with casually delivered insight. Time may not be linear, but human life is. I'm particularly enamored of the prose-style, which takes its cue from e e cummings (and of course, those of you that know me will recognise my weakness for cummings, and for poetry-in-stories in general)-- but the chosen e e cummings poem is completely apt and hits all the right notes. It's harsh in that it doesn't back away from the smallness of human life in comparison with Jack's immortality, but does not forget Jack's humanity or leave him remote-- it is, in fact, a story about a man struggling to retain his humanity without any of the cues that give human life meaning.
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