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---Torchwood and Doctor Who---

Persistence of Memory (The Lives of Saints Remix)
remixredux09, remix of Forget About Us by raisintorte
Martha Jones doesn't die for their sins, she lives with them.
Torchwood/Doctor Who. Martha + Torchwood team, now & the Year That Never Was. Canon Pairings. 6000+ words.
July 09

An Inch of Nothing For Your Soul
Suzie reads poetry in her spare time because she thinks that poetry is vastly stupid. Not stupid. Naïve. Walt Whitman was a coward, but Suzie is not.
Suzie + team, understanding through poetry, gen. 930 words
June 09

deny, distract, discredit
or, Thirteen Ways Torchwood Rationalises The Things They Do (In Chronological Order)
a whiplash tour of Torchwood in thirteen parts, via regret, apology and self-justfication. 2900 words
Featuring Ianto, Jack, Gwen and side of Martha, Jack/Ianto & Gwen/Rhys
Spoilers for TW S1 & 2, DW "Journey's End" & TW radio play "Lost Souls"
May 09

an alternate ficlet for neifile7 who wanted Ianto rationalising not forgiving Jack when he comes back in 2x01 "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
Coda to Deny, Distract, Discredit but can be read alone
July 09

REACTION: Children of Earth: Day Three
July 09

META: Torchwood's Imperial Dreams
Thoughts on Torchwood's asylum policy & origins, with spoilers till S2 finale, and for radio play 'Asylum'
July 09

META Reaction to radio play 'Golden Age'
Jack vs. The Empire!
July 09

META: committment does not equal monogamy, and other 51st century lies I believe in
Jack/Ianto, fandom, monogamy, work/life balance etc.
June 09

Constant Winter
The Doctor has given them each other out of kindness, but really, all that confirms is just how inhuman he really is.
Doctor Who, Rose/Ten, sort of.
Spoilers to the Season 4 finale
July 08

Ten Synonyms For Sensational
Draco Malfoy ends up on the TARDIS, and the Doctor finds out that wizards are remarkably difficult to impress
Doctor Who/HP crossover, Ten/Draco, 1700 words
July 08
(Wonderfully remixed in illustrated fashion by nopejr in Ten Synonyms for Sensational (The Dragon/TARDIS Overdub))

--Star Trek VI--

from the greek “xenos” which means “stranger", but also “guest”

The thing is: Commander Spock and Lieutenant Uhura’s relationship is eminently logical.
Star Trek, Spock/Uhura & Gaila, pre-film, linguistics and logic. 1500 words
June 09



Now Done Darkness
Castiel does not touch Dean; this is something Sam notices early on.
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel & Dean/Sam, Post-Apocalypse, G, 1500 words
Spoilers for 4.01 & arc of S4
April 09


---Stargate: Atlantis---

Like Gravity (It Doesn't Matter If You Believe In It)
What's left after the war is over; a series of snapshots in a life.
mcshep_match, Prompt: Down to Earth
SGA, John/Rodney, futurefic 5120 words
Companion drabbles: Saving The World (Filling In Forms), Intergalactic Politics (Intersections With Family Life)

Starting Over (in the same place)
By the end of the first day they’re on Earth, the IOA orders the as-yet-Commanderless General Hammond to beam out the top-tier of the command staff-- Woolsey, Keller, Sheppard and McKay-- for debrief, leaving Lorne in temporary command of a base that has been shot at, burned, nearly vaporised and quarantined.
SGA, Team + SG-1, gen, 9300+ words
Finale Fixit, 5x20 'Enemy At the Gates'
Feb 09

Combat Reflexes
Drive far enough out from Vegas and the desert starts to feel like Afghanistan
Gen, John & Rodney, first person John, 982 words
Tag to 5x19 'Vegas'
Jan 09

A Short Record of Outmoded Concepts & Theories of the Tau'ri
It’s been five years and three days since the stars started to blink out, and in another six months, the sun is going to explode, taking with it Earth, its solar system and anything that happens to be nearby. Nothing can change this.
artword challenge, gorgeous art by mashimero
Gen, implied John/Rodney, futurefic, end-of-the-world fic, 4995 words
Dec 08

Two days after Rodney comes back on the Daedalus John Sheppard stops speaking to him, completely cold and out of the blue.
John and Rodney, Gen, Team!love, 1600 words
Tag to 5x15 'Brainstorm'
Nov 08

Carry It With You
Someone out there is visiting backwater worlds in the Pegasus Galaxy and playing fast and loose with pop-culture trivia from Earth. Till about six months ago, he was pretty sure that was their job. Except now it's being done by what appears to be a vastly more competent and helpful version of them.
Stargate Atlantis, Team!fic, 1600 words
Spoilers for 4x10 'This Mortal Coil'
October 08

Terraced Dynamics
Rodney McKay plays music that reflects off the walls of the ancient city like it was always there, like all he did was turn the volume up.
Stargate Atlantis, Sheppard/McKay, Rodney-is-a-concert-pianist AU, 2600 words
September 08

Remembrance of Things Past
They may not remember it, but that isn't going to stop them from going home.
Stargate: Atlantis, Sheppard/McKay, 6300 words
Spoilers up to 5.06: The Shrine
August 08

technicolour SGA, John/Rodney mcsmooch, all the public moments he'd have kissed Sheppard, if he could
paradise lost SGA: John/Rodney, John starts reading Paradise Lost, Two Minute Fic Challenge

META: Things I Love About 4x17 'Midway' and 4x18 'Kindred'

META: Thoughts on 5x19 'Vegas'

META: Thoughts on 5x16 'Brainstorm'

META: Love-Letter to Rodney aka Rodney is a badass
Re: 3x20 'First Strike', and 4x01 'Adrift'

META: Thoughts on 5x11 'The Lost Tribe'

META: 4x10 'This Mortal Coil': Doppelgangers, Clones, Replicates in Stargate

META: Rodney & Sam in SGA 5x18 '48 Hours'

META: 5x07 'Whispers'



the song you're singing is a prayer (but your god is tone deaf)
You can find anything you want on the Prometheus, but most of the time Kara goes there in search of another drink once the Galactica bar cuts her off.
BSG/Firefly sort-of-crossover, Kara Thrace/Inara Serra, R, 2250 words
written for multifandom5000, Kara Thrace & Inara Serra have very different approaches to life
June 09

Three Doctors Walk Into A Bar one two three
It's all going surprisingly, shockingly well until there's a silence, and Baltar fills it with: "I-- betrayed the entire human race."
Comment-fic for the lovely bentley. McKay, House & Baltar walk into a bar. Crack ensues.
October 08

Ten Synonyms For Sensational
Draco Malfoy ends up on the TARDIS, and the Doctor finds out that wizards are remarkably difficult to impress
Doctor Who/HP crossover, Ten/Draco, 1700 words
July 08

Antichrists Anonymous
'Yes, I rather like this God fellow. He's very theatrical, you know, a pestilence here, a plague there. Omnipotence. Gotta get me some of that.' Stewie finds out the antichrist is called Adam.
Good Omens/Family Guy crossover, Stewie/Adam
August 05

Icon Prompts
Baltar/Grace Kelley, Hermione/Helo, Clem (Eternal Sunshine)/The Bride (Kill Bill), Kitty (Tipping the Velvet)/Marla Singer (Fight Club), Nan (Tipping the Velvet)/Number Six, Scorpius (Farscape)/Snape, Kara Thrace/Valmont (Dangerous Liaisons), Vizzini/no-one!


---Literature Fic---

the play's the thing--
Shakespeare In Love ficlet
June 08

the careful regularity
The sky arches like a machine, the clouds are cogs & there is no air
Gaskell's 'North & South', Thornton/Higgins
July 05

slander shakespeare & the dark lady


---Battlestar Galactica---

the song you're singing is a prayer (but your god is tone deaf)
You can find anything you want on the Prometheus, but most of the time Kara goes there in search of another drink once the Galactica bar cuts her off.
BSG/Firefly sort-of-crossover, Kara Thrace/Inara Serra, R, 2250 words
written for multifandom5000, Kara Thrace & Inara Serra have very different approaches to life
June 09

the dawn of time part one part two battlestar galactica: kara & leoben, spoilers for the midseason 4 finale

life lessons BSG, Zarek & Lee Adama, 'you could do anything, lee'

gaius&tomzarek the Cylons find them after Kobol, & the only thing they're interested in is the Galactica.

baltar/six flesh brings with it humanity



remake it in your image
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Roy + Ed, end-of-series AU, 2200 words
Just like that, Roy Mustang is the Fuhrer.
Feb 2011

Leverage, Parker/Eliot/Hardison, 1431 words
Magicians are the bastard cousins of escapologists.
Sept 09

where the leaves end (and the birds began)
The Devil's Whore, Angelica/Edward, 620 words
The sky, they say, shows them signs from God.
July 09

origami unicorns firefly: river & jayne, post-serenity
simon/mal [firefly] the first time Simon swears at Mal, proper-like

pokerface death note, light & l, cardgames

ben [Dark Angel] war is art, remember?

ben/sophie [carnivale] ben thinks: if I close my eyes, the world will disappear. [nb: oh, man. i'm actually kind of proud of this one. *sigh*]

lilah/gwen [angel] one touch means death, and another life;

Strike | Jack/Barbossa, Pirates of the Carribean. not all treasure is silver & gold.

---Harry Potter---

META: Deathly Hallows Reaction Post

Tom Riddle

Tom & the Inferi drabble, "The skin is just something to be peeled off and thrown away." Post-HBP

"Tom is afraid of heights". Phobia and kink. Stoppard.
Tom/many, many characters
March 04

the universe works in threes. bertrand russel.
Minerva/Tom, R

To The Lighthouse
Dreams and figures of eight, everything settles back into the shape it remembers
Harry Potter, Ginny/Tom
August 04

The Green Light |
Tom is fifteen when he decides he will never die. Stalingrad & the Trans-Siberian Railway.
Tom Riddle, Gen, G

The Story of Horace Slughorn, who resembled an armchair
Routes to immortality. The Slug Club, Tom Riddle and the meaning of appearances
Harry Potter, post-HBP
November 05

ginny/tom you are not beautiful any more
DUMBLEDORE/VOLDEMORT if you squint, tea, post-war


---The Boys---

Revisionist History
The gold-edged Bible that Gellert holds in his hands is-- though he does not know it-- the King James text, or as it is still called, the Authorized Version.
Harry Potter, post-DH, Albus/Gellert, 1500 words
June 09

The Taste For Nothingness
The war ends, and Harry Potter puts his wand in a fridge and leaves the wizarding world behind. It's one thing not to fear death, and another to be taught to love it. Post-war.
Harry Potter, post-DH, gen
July 07

kafka's "the metamorphosis". names are important.
Remus. gen

Miscellaneous Drabbles | gilderoy/tom. tom!genfic. narcissa/severus. bellatrix/narcissa. fred/george

a type of courage draco & snape, post-HBP


---The Blacks---

Toujours Pur
The snap of blood ties. Post-OOTP
Blackcest. R

SNAPE/SIRIUS POSTWAR!FIC the Muggles win. snapping wands & bloodties.

regulus/narcissa wizards explain the universe with stories, myth is understanding

draco/bellatrix "Snape is dead," is the first thing Bellatrix says to him.

SWIRLS OF OIL Bellatrix/Narcissa drabble

REGULUS/NARCISSA DRABBLE one-sided Bellatrix/Narcissa


---The Girls---

"are you a muggleborn?" choosing sides. Politics and wartime truths.
Hermione, gen
Art by the talented icarusinwax: Lucius

"Ten years after the war and England’s ley lines are still snapping, and you can’t do magic unless you want to blast your fingers off."
Padma/Hermione, G

Ravenclaw games, sadism. John Donne.
Luna/Cho, R

A LEVER AND A PLACE TO STAND hunger & self destruction.
Parvati & Padma, Gen

"you've got the wrong myth".
padma & nagas, postwar, R.

dying is an art, aka: snuff films, hp style.
Fleur/Gabrielle, R, for tinderblast's 'Porn In the Wizarding World' Challenge

live or die. e e cummings. worst nightmare challenge.
Hermione/Ginny, R

Our Lady of Pain
swinburne. when all shall be gone that now lingers, a series of drabbles
minerva/dolores. R



mobiliavis. kevin&pansy AU futurefic.
PANSY & MERMAIDS mobiliavis
DRACO/PANSY mobiliavis, warfic


This is fiction that's terrible and embarassing, but I'm leaving it up here because, well, what can you do. Thankfully, most of it has been jossed, but oh man, I cringe.

Sand | In the desert there is only one law, and this law is: sand. ginny/bill. for kitsune13's birthday. I'm partial to this fic-- it has a different tone than my others, and one I quite like. more circular, more bizarre than even my usual. and underpinned with shelley's ozymandias.

A Heap of Broken Images | a week of weasleycest. quite liked writing this drabble, though on re-reading it's a bit stilted in parts. though I thought the idea of ruin & desolation came out, and the ending was all right.

A Map of our Failures
Tom and a time-turner, history like pictures in a book.
Tom Riddle, R

dust & dry air & dehydration.
Tom/Rudolf Hess (RPS WARNING), sequel to A Map of our Failures

Black Gold | oil is the muggle's magic.

Incarnadine | postwar. Hermione. red.

Recognition | gilderoy/dudley. blamefest fic.

Walking Shadow | it is not truth because it is words.

Chimaera | sylvia plath. cold as snow breath. ginny/harry. with overtones of tom.

Evolution | tom. semicolons. perfection.

DISSIPATE India, where all magic is a call.
Padma & Parvati, Gen

Perfectly | tom. one moment is all you can expect from perfection. a short piece for wired_lizard, a study in tom, almost. a little detached.

seven days, conscription, the hog's head.
percy/oliver, R

Rescribo! remix stories.

the taste of paint.
harry/draco. remix. amalin's still life.

Believe | Drew's 'When I Start to Make You Nervous'. Marcus/Oliver jockslash. This was quite a challenge for me because-- ack, the characters, ack, the quidditch. So I took Drew's Oliver & made him a twisted & obsessive, but oh the manly love.

Photograph | 'Scope' by Twi. Cedric/Dennis. I got to be all magical theory-esque in this one.

Voiceless | sangredulce's 'Only'. Padma/Parvati. I was so very nervous about touching this girl's work, and it's not a patch on the original, but nonetheless I was quite happy with it. Ponge, Shakespeare, Eliot, Plath, Rich-- I managed to tumble them all into one fic. Watch Pog steal words!


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