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Fullmetal Alchemist fic: Remake It in Your Image

So, hi. It's been a while. But I'm back, and bearing new fic that is the result of me trying to write the gorgeous [info]fahye an Ouran fic and watching four episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in procrastination instead.

Please come say hi and tell me how you've all been, and link me to cool things. Or just tell me that now I've gone anime it's all over for me. :/

Remake It In Your Image

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WIP Amnesty- the SG:A edition

Yet again I've been away for ages-- gah, real life has it's way of sneaking up on a girl. But in the interests of assuaging my fannish guilt, I'm posting short snippets of Works in Progress that have been floating around my hard-drive for far too long.

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This one is John & Rodney taken away from Atlantis, and trying to make sense of life on Earth. Discussion of lots of relationships, including mentions of Jennifer, Sam & Nancy.

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Written during Season 5 but before the finale, this is about Team Sheppard being called back to Cheyenne Mountain for a month-long debrief with the IOA. I used quite a few of the themes & ideas in this story in Starting Over (in the same place my teamy-goodness post-finale fixit fic, so if that was your cup of tea you can possibly consider this in the same (or at the very least, an abutting) universe. All from Cameron Mitchell's PoV.

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This, I guess, could be a Jennifer/Rodney conversation cut from an alternate version of Starting Over as well. It's a-- working out conversation, very on the nose, I was using them to work out how I thought about their relationship.

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This is another out-take type thing. From a scenario where Sheppard & the Lanteans are being observed! This is my shameless 'I love Dusty Mehra' ficlet, and it's just ridiculous setup because I think Sheppard + Dusty + hijinks would be kind of hilarious.

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Aaaand, I think we're just about done. I feel less burdened already. :P
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SGA Fic: Like Gravity (It Doesn't Matter If You Believe In It)

The mcshep_match story reveals are up, and Team War one (by a very, very small margin). It was a brilliant fest, I enjoyed participating thoroughly-- and thanks to everyone that took the time to read, review and vote for all the great John/Rodney stories.

I wrote a strange, sort of bittersweet story of a potential future. It's very stylised, and was lots of fun to write-- and owes its breezy, fragmented tone to James Goss's Torchwood book Almost Perfect, which I was reading as I wrote it. There's lots I want to talk about in relation to the writing of this story-- it is the same plot that I wanted to write at the outset, but told in a completely different way. I simply didn't have the time to write the straight-up narrative version of the epic, spanning story I wanted to tell, and instead went with a skipping, piecemeal narrative that (I think) changed the kind of story that ended up being told.

There are lots of lacunae, and the story is heavily focused on John and Rodney, despite my love of team and ensemble, so I wrote two ficlets to accompany it as prizes for the Guess The Author contest-- congratulations to the winners. They can both be read independently, I think.

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Both of which go with my mcshep_match story...

Like Gravity (It Doesn't Matter If You Believe In It)
what's left after the war is over; a series of snapshots in a life.

( That night, in Rodney’s arms, John dreams of the spaces where the arms of galaxies spray into each other, the collision of asteroids, of looking deep into Rodney’s throat and seeing a spinning field of stellar debris. Humanity has taken to the stars, and it has left garbage in its wake. 5120 words )

Comments are most certainly appreciated, and will be replied to as soon as possible!
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Leverage Fic: Escapology, Parker/Eliot/Hardison

The egregiously talanted fahye spotted my Leverage icons and asked me to write her Parker/Eliot/Hardison, and there was really absolutely no way I could refuse. I've been utterly rubbish at writing not one but TWO stories that we've been brainstorming together, because I'm ridiculous and lame, but I hope this goes some way into making it up to her. Fahye, my dear, this one is without a doubt for you.

No spoilers for the new season, though I have, of course, been watching.

And no, no, no, I am absolutely not writing the Elliot/Sophie companion piece to this, even though my brain is trying to go there.

They’re in it for the long-con.

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Quick heads' up to everyone. Go check out neifile7's glorious Jack backstory Calypso, which traces Jack's adventures after the Doctor abandons Jack on the gamestation and he crashlands into 19th c. Cardiff. It fills in oh-so-many canonical gaps that you probably never realised you were dying to see expanded upon, and captures Jack's voice in a way that very few writers in fandom can.

It's an incredibly hot, erudite, clever & well-written story which I had the pleasure of beta'ing, so go & get reading.


More mcshep_match recs to come-- go get guessing the authors/artists for some lovely prizes, guys!
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mcshep_match Recs, Part One

Guys, guys, guys. mcshep_match-- in case you were unaware-- is a one month post-a-rama of McKay/Sheppard stories, with two posted each day for your reading pleasure. There are two teams which compete on the basis of your votes. This year the teams are Peace and War, and surprise, surprise, I'm a proud member of Team War. The stories are, however, anonymous until the reveal. But this year we've got a bit of a competition for guessing the authors and artists going on, and if you guess a certain number right, there will be prizes involved. I may very well be drabbling for your victory, and there are some talented people on both teams frantically creating drabbles, icons, art & other happy things as prizes, so go read the stories and vote on them and guess the author/artists!

You can try and guess which story I wrote as well. :) (And no, just because I've recced it doesn't mean I haven't been extra sneaky and recced my own story as cover so. Heh.)

There's another reason why I want you lovely lot on my friends list to vote. This year, because of the War/Peace themes of the fest, Team War has been coming up with lots of dark and delicious and twistily sharp stories that really get under the skin of the show-- but unfortunately the darkness of the stories is getting them marginalised, even if they're wonderful, well-written, interesting and perhaps even hopeful tales. I know we're a generally fluffy lot in SGA fandom, but there's room for character death and darkness and scariness in our otherwise sweet and domestic paradise isn't there? (I know there is-- one of our fandom classics is Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose, and that's a devastating & brilliant read...) Go and show the hard-working authors of mcshep_match darkfic some love, because they deserve it, and they certainly don't deserve people voting them down for writing stories that are beautifully sad.

I'm mostly reccing Team War stories, but a couple of Team Peace ones made it in too. Never let it be said that I wasn't bipartisan. :D

Holding On, Art, Team War
An interesting piece of art that's full of desperation or hope, depending on your interpretation. It's one of those pieces of art that hints at a long and interesting story behind it. How did the characters get here? What happened? How will they go on? Because it's Team War, I'm inclined to take a darker view of the possibilities of the picture, but I love it nonetheless. Warnings for characters in various states of dead/injured/unconscious.

Where The Brave Dare Not Go, Team War
It's a Were AU, and I actually enjoyed it. I have to say that I don't generally like gimmicky AUs because John and Rodney can sometimes seem plastered onto an unbelievable world, or are so fundamentally changed that I don't feel like I'm reading about the same characters. But this story subverted my prejudices. It's a detailed, surprisingly intricate and fresh take on this kind of AU universe, with a focus on John-and-Rodney but some great ensemble storytelling. The characters and the larger universe beyond them are believable and fun.

War Games, Team War
Does it get any better than this? This dark, subtle, shifting gem of a story hits every one of my fic buttons. Sheppard needs McKay to win, and he'll go to any lengths to get him. We get such a great, sharp insight into these two dangerous, difficult, complicated men. There are very few stories that explore their darker natures, and fewer that turn them against each other. War Games is great because it gets to give us a slice of this frisson and tension, without destroying any of the trust and love that clearly exists between them. It's just an exercise...right?

The Imperious Dr. Rodney McKay of Atlantis, Team Peace
This is a wonderful, inventive story about what happens post-Enemy at the Gates, and the political machinations that the team becomes involved with in ensuring that Atlantis gets to go back to the Pegasus galaxy. But, as it's Team Peace, is approaches these ideas from a humourous and interesting perspective-- and features Rodney doing hilarious personnel reviews, Woolsey being a sneaky bastard, and the team all pulling together against a supposed enemy. Nothing is quite what it seems, but it's a fun ride.

The Ethical Life, Team War
Rodney McKay and John Sheppard meet in 1939. A historical AU where Rodney is working as a scientist for the Allied government has a wonderful period feel. It's Bletchley Park, the Enigma machine, the Kiss-The-Boys-Goodbye dances with music playing over the sound of air-raid sirens. This story really captures that desperately alive feeling of the era, and Rodney and John are both recognisable within the context. Their romance hits all the right notes, and the story is held together with a prose-style that is a pleasure to read, and packed with lots of lovely little insights.

The House of Atlantis, Art, Team War
A beautiful piece of fanart, which places the team in a medieval context. There's an abundance of gorgeous detail that makes this a picture you could look at for an hour, and that tells a story about the entire team. It captures a completely alternate life for them-- and hey, John as a knightly champion is never amiss. :)

Saving Sheppard, Team War
Rodney was eight the first time he met Death. How to describe this story? Part Gaiman, part Ingmar Bergman, part Supernatural. Rodney is a sickly child, and plays chess with Death to pass the time-- but it's only after he becomes part of Atlantis that he realises what Death truly is. This shifts from a story about an alienated child's friendship with Death, to a man's struggle with it-- it ends, ultimately, in acceptance, but this story is deftly characterised, and hopeful without being in any way sentimental. It's a pleasure to read plausible backstory for Rodney-- this one definitely makes it onto the list of personal canon for me.
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all torchwood, all the time

Oh, man, guys. Persistence of Memory (The Lives of Saints Remix) has been recced over at torchwood_house. I'm so very pleased and proud. Many thanks to kel_reiley for the reccage, and of course, to neifile7 who is awesome and has as much to do with the story as I did. Eee!


Go read the stories at mcshep_match, there are some wonderful John/Rodney fics and art up!

I'll be posting some commentary for my story once the reveals are up, because it kicked my arse so thoroughly, and I'm not entirely pleased with it at all-- it still feels abrupt and first-draft-y but it's still the story I wanted to tell, and there's more that I wanted to say, so it might make an interesting subject for some discussion about editing/drafting/structure...


To return to regularly scheduled service, here's another story that I'm adding to my Torchwood recs list-- which comprises of stories that I think of as personal canon, and that I think are utterly fantastic. Please go read and review, especially if you haven't seen it before!

Jack, non-linear For What Were Less Than Dead by Amber
This is Jack's story, and therefore delves into the meaning and implications of Jack's time-hopping, non-linear life. It's a short character study, but is packed tight with casually delivered insight. Time may not be linear, but human life is. I'm particularly enamored of the prose-style, which takes its cue from e e cummings (and of course, those of you that know me will recognise my weakness for cummings, and for poetry-in-stories in general)-- but the chosen e e cummings poem is completely apt and hits all the right notes. It's harsh in that it doesn't back away from the smallness of human life in comparison with Jack's immortality, but does not forget Jack's humanity or leave him remote-- it is, in fact, a story about a man struggling to retain his humanity without any of the cues that give human life meaning.
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McShep Match!

Unless you've been living in a box, and even if you have, I'm sure you've all heard of the brilliant mcshep_match. One month of John/Rodney fiction and art, posted just for your pleasure-- and it's live! There are already some fantastic stories up, so go forth, read, comment and vote!

The prompts this year are War and Peace, and as a card-carrying member of Team War, I can only urge you to show the Team War stories some extra love. ;)

The stories are posted anonymously, but you can Guess The Author/Artist. I promise story-related drabbles to anyone that guesses my entry correctly (even though I think I'm terribly obvious!).
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I am currently in the wilds of the north, taking a break before journeying on to various Family Weddings and such.

And so: if you have posted fic or commentary or links that I should see over the last week, link me to them directly in the interests of not missing things.